Innovation and research in the field of health and technology have enabled significant advances in many sectors. One of these advances is in the field of breast milk donation, where the Norwegian company ANUE has developed an innovative storage solution in partnership with the Bernhardt company.


ANUE, a Norwegian company specializing in health technologies

ANUE was founded in the summer of 2018 by Jeanette Grønnslett, a pediatric nurse. The company was born out of her frustration and irritation with how breastmilk is handled in hospitals and during the breast milk donation process. Her goal was to create a revolutionary breastmilk storage solution that makes the donation process easier and safer. ANUE’s vision is that all newborns should have breast milk as their first meal. Their solution is revolutionizing the breastmilk donation process by implementing a new and innovative method.

Breast milk storage, a technical challenge

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At Bernhardt, we have worked with ANUE to meet the challenge and produce high protection additional packaging tailored to this specific need.

One of the main technical challenges in the design of flexible packaging for breast milk was to find a solution to fit a base offering a very large opening adapted to breast pumps on a flexible packaging format with a small content (200mL). Specific product requirements call for a robust design that holds the pouch upright, allowing for easy filling and convenient handling for users.

Bernhardt met this challenge by using its expertise in flexible packaging design and developing a bespoke solution to meet ANUE’s specific needs. Thanks to an optimized approach on innovation and a history with the ANUE team, we succeeded in designing breast milk pouches that met the technical requirements while guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the product.

An unusual use of flexible packaging

The innovation brought by the breast milk bags manufactured by Bernhardt has allowed ANUE to offer an innovative solution in the field of breast milk. With these high-quality flexible packaging, ANUE has been able to revolutionize the breast milk donation process by providing users with a safe, comfortable and hygienic method to collect and store breastmilk.

Breast milk pouches provide a convenient and effective alternative to traditional methods of storing breast milk. They are lightweight, compact and easy to carry, allowing breast milk donors to safely store and transport their milk.

The robust design of the bags, made by Bernhardt, guarantees optimal stability and tightness, thus preserving the quality of breast milk throughout the process of collection, storage and distribution.

This design has been completed with the addition of a smart cap, imagined and created by ANUE, which allows a sample of the milk to be taken for biological analysis, without opening the bag and without risk of contamination.

ANUE breast milk bags offer a turnkey solution, providing everything needed to collect and then store milk in milk banks or hospitals.

At Bernhardt, we are proud to collaborate with innovative companies and bring our technical expertise to the development of healthcare solutions.

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