Quality Commitment

The quality of our products and the protection of the environment are our priorities at BERNHARDT.

To fulfil our mission and to design packaging solutions that protect and promote our customers’ products, we give the following undertakings, at each stage of the manufacturing process:

Raw Materials:

  • Comply with the current regulations of the pharmaceutical, agri-food, cosmetics and chemicals industries.
  • Put quality and performance at the top of our criteria when purchasing raw materials.
  • Establish a strong, lasting partnership with our suppliers, based on mutual trust.

Design :

  • Ensure our packaging is safe, by means of qualification and validation tests.
  • Develop tests adapted to each field of application.
  • Listen to what our customers have to say, so as to improve our practices, working methods and performance.
  • Design the necessary production tools to meet the demands of new projects.
  • Develop an effective process for anticipating and managing risks.


  • Track all the raw materials used in our packaging at each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Test product quality throughout the production process.
  • Share good practices and implement them at the workstations.
  • Train our employees regularly in accordance with our internal needs and our customers’ requirements.
  • Involve our employees in improvement actions.
  • Sensitize all employees to the importance of quality, safety and the protection of the environment.
  • Design, manufacture and qualify our production lines.


We identify, sort and dispose of the various types of waste on a daily basis in compliance with local and national regulations.

We are committed to the following new challenges:

  • Developing new packaging using more ecological materials,
  • Putting in place productivity methods to reduce production waste at the source,
  • Reducing our environmental impact by preventing pollution and managing the risks involved in our manufacturing process.


We take care to protect our employees and improve their working conditions.

This quality commitment guarantees the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers around the world.

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