Bernhardt, the expert in high barrier flexible packaging since 1956

We protect and promote our customers’ products.

  • Our packaging protects against oxygen, moisture and UV light.
  • It offers high mechanical strength (UN-certified pouches)
  • Innovative, ergonomic formats

The pouches we make in Boulogne-sur-Mer are sold all over the world.

  • Our network of suppliers of multi-layer films is 100% European
  • All our films are food grade
  • Pharmaceutical or medical grades are available by request

We are always happy to meet our customers

  • Production Audits
  • Participation in meetings for the development of new projects
  • Trial packaging on our demonstration lines

Since 1956, we have been making flexible packaging designed to offer the best possible protection of our customers’ products in over 30 countries.

Why choose flexible packaging?


Products that are sensitive to light, oxygen or moisture need to be protected to maintain their integrity. So, our flexible packaging offers the necessary protection while using ten times less material than in rigid packaging.


Economic use of materials and optimal protection.


Owing to the flexibility of our pouches, even the most sensitive products can be vacuum packed. Indeed, by reducing the residual oxygen in the pouch to under 0.5%, product life can be extended while reducing or even eliminating any need for refrigeration. Moreover, for some applications, vacuum packing offers consumers ultra-fresh products with no need to pasteurise or sterilise them.


Extra long life while preserving the quality of the product.


Our R&D teams constantly strive to improve the functionality of our packaging. By means of a simple “K” weld, less product remains trapped at the bottom; likewise the addition of handles and special spouts makes our pouches more than just a container for the product. Hence, their designs help to facilitate and make our customers’ production processes safer.


Customised design


Flexible packaging can be stored flat before being filled, thus requiring ten times less transport space. The same applies to their storage, both before and after use.
By optimizing storage and transportation volumes, logistics costs are significantly reduced, as well as the environmental impacts of the packaging.

Ten times less trucks on the roads.

For more information about our packaging solutions, or to discuss a specific customized pouch design...