Our History


Design of machines for packaging sensitive products

Joseph Bernhardt founded the company whose main activity was the design and manufacture of equipment for packaging seafood.


High barrier flexible packaging solutions for industrial use

Under the direction of Jacques Gourlet, the company’s activities expanded. Indeed, owing to it’s experience in packing machines, Bernhardt’s engineers and technicians started manufacturing high barrier flexible packaging.


The supplier of choice for your packaging

Owing to its complementary activities, the design and manufacture of flexible packaging and the design and manufacture of packing machines, Bernhardt can offer a full range of solutions to its customers in the pharmaceuticals, agri-food and chemicals sectors.


The “packaging” part of the business moves to Wimille

The company decided to expand and moved to the Wimille industrial zone. A first building contained the “packaging” shop which was gradually joined by the administrative and sales teams.


Passing on the baton

Succeeding his father Jacques, Jean-Marc Gourlet took over the management of the company and its development strategy.


Both branches of the company now reunited in Wimille

The company decided to group both its activities in the Wimille industrial zone. So, a second building was constructed to house the “machinery” part of the company.


Innovation and modernity

The company continued to grow and a new building was added for raw materials storage. The sales team also moved into new offices there, enabling increased contacts with the other departments of the company.

Bernhardt’s efforts in the field of innovation were rewarded when it received the Pack the Future award in the “Social Benefit” category at the All4Pack trade fair.


ISO 9001 and 14001 certification according to the 2015 reference standard

Bernhardt was one of the first companies in the packaging business to follow reference standard ISO 9001 as early as the 1990s. We are now certified to the 2015 version of standards 9001 and 14001.


Bernhardt welcomes Deltasacs Group

Bernhardt Packaging & Process welcomes Deltasacs Group to train an innovative player in the flexible packaging market and accelerate the transition to environmentally solutions.

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