Special machinery

Are you looking for a custom-built packing machine?

Bernhardt offers its customers all its experience and expertise acquired over sixty years, for the realisation of their projects.

Our design department assists you in defining your specifications and works closely with your project teams to design special packing machinery to fit your process requirements.

Our engineers and technicians apply their knowledge of filling and sealing techniques to meet the technical constraints and requirements of your production process.





This industrial vacuum packing and heat sealing machine ref. MSB11MVI IDP manufactured by Bernhardt is designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of the pharmaceuticals sector. It is used for the vacuum packing or modified atmosphere packing of powders and solids that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture. The machine has optical sealing temperature control and all production data (temperature curves and sealing time) is recorded and can be shared with the customer’s ERP.



  • High vacuum with possible re-injection of inert gas (Venturi valve system with flowrate of 221NI/min)
  • Sealing quality: 2 active bars
  • Regulated sealing temperature, recipes dedicated to each type of bag (aluminium free or not, variable thicknesses)
  • Versatile and simple to use
  • Ergonomic and safe for the operator (the sealing bars remain cold when open and have an anti-pinch system)

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