Bernhardt has been manufacturing packaging machines that adapt to the needs of its customers for more than 60 years. Three types of equipment are available depending on the application required: powder dosing/filling, welding and vacuuming.


Packaging machines

Our packaging machines are involved in different stages of the process: dosing, filling, vacuuming and welding. They can be used in all types of industry: agri-food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Dosing / filler: for semi-automatic filling with high precision of powders and granules in bags. The machine has a Pouvès ring for capturing fine particles to keep a clean production area. Regarding containers, this technology ranges from 1 to 50 kilograms.

Vacuuming: to seal under vacuum or in a modified atmosphere powders and solids sensitive to oxygen and moisture. Our packaging machines are suitable for vacuuming bags, bags and bags in barrier films, coextruded or complexed.

Welder: Manual or pneumatic, with or without inerting, for bags and/or bulks. Our welders are suitable for welding small, medium and large bags, bags and bags made of heat-sealable materials, barrier films, multilayer films or polyethylene.


The design of a packaging line

Study and costing

An integrated design office accompanies the customer in the various stages of the project, from the creation of the equipment to installation and after-sales service. When drafting the specifications, we study your expectations in terms of speed, available space and other variables specific to your project. Our project managers and our design office provide their experience and know-how to create the packaging line that will meet your expectations. Once the specifications have been established, a costing is sent to you as well as a deadline for making it available.


Construction, testing and delivery of the packaging line

Once the budget and the study have been validated, construction begins in our workshops in Wimille, Hauts-de-France. Our packaging lines and machines are Made In France and manufactured in stainless materials, in compliance with your industrial production requirements. At the end of the design, a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is carried out in the presence of the customer in our workshops. Once validated, the equipment is then shipped and installed at the customer’s premises. One of our technicians provides a training session for site operators.

Bernhardt offers standard and tailor-made packaging lines and machines tailored to your application.

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Bernhardt machine and packaging line

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