Are you looking for a filler? These packaging machines come in different models depending on the product handled, the type of container, the possibility of automating the process or not, or the size of the containers. Dosing and filling machines are used in different sectors: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and cosmetics. Focus on fillers and their use:


The filling step in the packaging process


Packaging is the last stage of production. It is the process of packaging a finished product for storage, transport and use. On the packaging line, the filling may be followed by a vacuum or a gas flushing stage depending on the characteristics of the product. The package is then sealed.


How to choose the right filler?


There are three major criteria for choosing a filler.

  • The product to be packaged: the most important, because the machines are generally adapted to a family of products. There are fillers for powders and granules, for liquid, viscous, pasty or solid products.
  • The container: the fillers are adapted to a particular type of container. Bottles, bags, big bags, cans, pouches… The choice of machine must take into account the shape, size and material of the container, as well as its method of closing (sealing, screwing, snap-fastening, etc. ).
  • The mode of operation: do you need an automatic filler? A semi-automatic dosing machine? Or a manual machine? How shall the equipment be integrated into your production line? All these questions will allow you to refine your needs.


There are of course other criteria to take into account: the target production throughput, the space available (some machines have a larger footprint than others) or the ability to clean and maintain them easily.


Bernhardt fillers


We offer two types of dosing and filling machines.



Dosing and filling machines Bernhardt

The Filldose ® filling and dosing machine is suitable for filling powders in pouches and bags of 250g to 50 kg.

It is available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automated versions.

Suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries, it is intended for pulverulent products, whether they have good flowability or not.

Its design includes blades that fluidify products that have a tendency to clog.

It has a very high weighing accuracy, is easy to clean and can be integrated into full packaging lines.

Its hygienic design complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and eases the transition from one batch to another by reducing change-over time.



The big bag filler is an automatic filling machine for powders and granules in hermetic big bags weighing up to 1 ton.

It is suitable for powders and granules.

It is a complete and compact solution as it allows filling, weighing (with an accuracy of +/- 500 grams) and welding of the liner to be carried out at the same station.

Its cycle is fully automated: once launched, the operator is free to proceed to other tasks, such as taking care of storing the previously filled big bag.

big bag filler Bernhardt

We offer solutions for all automatic or semi-automatic packaging lines. The fillers are then integrated into these lines.

Each project is unique: our design office designs and develops tailor-made packaging lines adapted to your needs and your products.


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