The SOLARSACK won the PackTheFuture awards 2020

While today 2.2 billion people still do not have access to drinkable water, Bernhardt and his client Solarsack based in Denmark decided to act by putting their expertise to work and offer a solution to a key issue: the safety of water. By combining our efforts, we have successfully developed an affordable water treatment solution using the sun’s rays.

2 years after winning the PackTheFuture prize in the Social Benefits category thanks to our STERI-LIQUID POUCH, Bernhardt is rewarded for the second time in a row in the same category for the 500 times reusable pouch produced for SolarSack. The objective of this competition? Promote the creative and innovative potential of the plastic and flexible packaging sector: latest packaging innovations, new solutions, latest technologies and trends in the sector … Born out of close collaboration with the Danish company Solarsack, this product aims to promote access to drinking water for areas that are deprived of it.

Very easy to use, the Solarsack, once filled with 4 liters of water, is exposed to direct sunlight for 4 hours … and that’s it! Indeed, the combined action of UV-A, UV-B rays and the rise in temperature allows the destruction of pathogens present in water. Offering a real alternative to methods that consume coal or wood to purify water, the Solarsack is designed to be reusable 500 times, thus avoiding the generation of 600 kg of CO2 and saving 2 trees.

In addition to innovating from a social and ecological point of view, the Solarsack is also a technical innovation since its asymmetrical structure combines a very resistant laminated film and a 5-layer co-extruded film offering excellent transparency to UV rays. The welding and base insertion tools have been specially adapted to create a 4-liter pouch that is mechanically resistant and durable over time.
In conclusion, the Solarsack combines know-how in design, film production and pouch manufacturing to offer a solution to a major problem of lack of access to drinkable water.


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