Designed for vacuum and modified atmosphere packing of sachets, bags and pouches made of coextruded or multi-layer complex barrier film. Machine designed for sealing small, medium and large-sized bags and sachets. Packaging handled vertically.


  • Designed for high vacuum packing, irrespective of the type of product
  • Vacuum created in stages (for the most volatile powders and hot products)
  • One or several packages handled per cycle
  • Precise management of vacuum and gas flush levels
  • Recording of different recipes
  • Automation possible for high production rates
  • Touch screen for easy settings
  • 10 mm wide seal
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy to use


The vertical vacuum packing chamber is designed for small, medium and large-sized sachets. It is also suitable for products in any form: powders, highly pulverulent products, liquid/viscous products and solids.


  • Pharmaceutical/medical products: tablets, active principles, excipients, injection blow moulded plastic parts
  • Chemicals: plastic granules, colourants, phytosanitary products
  • Cosmetics: dyes, tablets, powders
  • Food-processing products: flavourings, additives, base products

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