We manufacture flat-bottomed gusset bags in gas, steam and/or UV light barrier materials. They are used to line a rigid container (bucket, drum or box).


  • When the gusset is opened out at the bottom, it can fit perfectly to the dimensions of the container (bucket, drum or box).
  • Dimensions customized to your needs.
  • Protection of your products by vacuum packing or gas flushing.
  • Nothing can remain trapped in the bottom thanks to the corner seals of the bottom gusset.

Volume : from 5L to 80L

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BERNHARDT’s pouches with flat bottom gusset offer excellent protection and long-lasting preservation for your sensitive products. Indeed, an optimal protection is provided by our 3 or 4 layer complexes with aluminium barrier film.
Moreover, the 4 layer films include a polyamide layer. Hence, this gives the bags extra strength for vacuum packing.

BERNHARDT can guide you in the choice of material and type of barrier film most suited to your packaging needs.


  • Food-processing products: flavourings, additives, seeds, base products.
  • Pharmaceutical products: active principles, vitamins, capsules, injection blow moulded plastic parts, caps.
  • Chemicals: colourants, phytosanitary products, metal powder, polyamide granules, special cements.


  • Easy to open (tear notch).
  • Zip closure for products used over time.
  • Rounded corners.

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