Manufactured in materials offering a barrier to gases, steam or UV light, these Doypack type sachets with a fold in the bottom can be used instead of bottles or tubs.


  • An attractive packaging solution, they stand up on their own thanks to the rounded gusset in the bottom.
  • They offer good protection while enabling vacuum or gas flush packing according to the material.
  • Filling can be done hot or cold.
  • Can be used for pasteurizing or sterilizing products.
  • Aluminium, EVOH or Alox barrier.
  • Much more compact than a rigid container of equivalent volume.

Volume : from 500mL to 15L

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BERNHARDT manufactures Doypack type sachets with bottom gusset offering good protection and long-term preservation of your sensitive products. Moreover, they can be made with a polyethylene or polypropylene inner for products to be sterilized. Besides, all the products in this range can be used for vacuum packing or gas flushing.

BERNHARDT can guide you in the choice of material and type of barrier film most suited to your packaging needs.


  • Food products: flavourings, products in sauces, spreadable foodstuffs, seeds, special malts.
  • Pharmaceutical products: active principles, vitamins, capsules.
  • Chemicals: colourants, phytosanitary products.


  • Easy to open (tear notch).
  • Zip closure to keep products fresh after opening.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Printable surface.

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