Our 2SL range of bags with side gussets are manufactured in barrier materials that are resistant to gas, steam and/or UV light. They can be used as a liner for a rigid container (bucket, drum or box), be loaded directly onto pallets (with or without separator sheets).


  • The side gussets open out to form a flat bottom that fits perfectly into the dimensions of the container (custom designed to your needs).
  • This design offers both rigidity and stability when filling the bags.
  • When used with a lining, they have even greater mechanical strength (a UN certificate can be provided).
  • They can be directly packed onto pallets without having to be boxed first.
  • Thanks to the corner seals of the gussets, nothing can remain trapped in the bottom.
  • They offer good protection while enabling vacuum or gas flush packing according to the material.

Volume : from 2L to 80L

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BERNHARDT manufactures its 2SL bags with side gussets from a single roll of film. Moreover, these bags have only one lengthwise seal down the middle of the front. Additionally, when used with a liner, they may be UN certified. They also come in laminated or co-extruded films, with EVOH or aluminium barrier film.

The films with 4 or more layers include a polyamide layer. So, this gives the bags extra strength for vacuum packing.

BERNHARDT can guide you in the choice of material and type of barrier film most suited to your packaging needs.


  • Food-processing products: flavourings, additives, seeds, base products.
  • Pharmaceutical products: active principles, vitamins, capsules, injection blow moulded plastic parts, caps.
  • Chemicals: colourants, phytosanitary products, metal powder, polyamide granules, special cements.


  • Vacuum packing (according to the material selected).
  • Lining (UN certified).

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