BERNHARDT manufactures its stand-up pouches with bottom gussets from single to ultra high barrier films. These pouches stand up on their own thanks to the rounded gusset in the bottom. They can be fitted with a spout and screw cap either at the top or on the front.


  • The bottom gusset makes this a highly stable form of packaging.
  • The outer film can be printed with promotional or informative content.
  • High barrier film version for extra sensitive products.
  • Suitable for hot fill, self-pasteurization and sterilization.
  • Compact, they generate less waste after use.

Volume : from 500mL to 5 L

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Those pouches with bottom gusset are a flexible container which stands up on their own and are perfectly stable. Moreover, they come in various sizes from 500mL to 5L, with a 1 inch spout at the front or at the top. We also use a wide range of fitments that are compatible with standard filling machinery. Additionally, filling may be done via the spout or the top of the pouch.
We work with a wide range of multi-layer films and especially with ultra high barrier films.

BERNHARDT can guide you in the choice of material and type of barrier film most suited to your packaging needs.


  • Food products: cold or hot fill, pasteurized or sterilized (egg-based products, cream, soup, fruit coulis, jams).
  • Pharmaceutical products: ultra-pure water.
  • Chemicals: colourants, paints, solvents.
  • Cosmetics: essential oils, detergents, hygiene products.

Spouts and Caps

We use a wide range of fitments for filling, closing and emptying our pouches for liquids or pastes. Clip-on or screw-on caps, taps, spouts.


Some examples of our fitments:

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