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BERNHARDT manufactures pillow pouches in high barrier materials for volumes ranging from 3 L to 220 L. While mainly used by our customers as a bag-in-box, they are also suitable for packing in drums. Their dimensions may be customised to your needs and the filling/dispensing spout positioned according to your specifications. Our spouts and caps are compatible with standard filling machines.


  • Ideal for products used over a period of time.
  • Easy to empty with a continuous and precise flow preventing any air intake.
  • High barrier film version for extra sensitive products.
  • Suitable for hot fill, self-pasteurization and sterilization.
  • Custom dimensions for special applications (lyophilization, sterilization).

Volume: from 3L to 220L

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We offer a range of pillow pouches in various sizes (5 L, 10 L, 20 L and 25 L). However, we can customize them up to 220 L for use inside rigid containers (boxes, buckets or drums).
We have also developed thin film pouches to facilitate the lyophilization or sterilization processes. Indeed, by reducing the film thickness, the product contained is more rapidly cooled or heated to the core, thus saving energy.

BERNHARDT can guide you in the choice of material and type of barrier film most suited to your packaging needs.


  • Food products: cold or hot fill, pasteurized or sterilized (egg-based products, cream, soup, fruit coulis, jams).
  • Pharmaceutical products: products for lyophilization.
  • Chemicals: colourants, paints, solvents.
  • Cosmetics: essential oils, detergents, hygiene products.

Spouts and Caps

We use a wide range of fitments for filling, closing and emptying our pouches for liquids or pastes. Clip-on or screw-on caps, taps, spouts.

Some examples of our fitments:

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