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The high barrier packaging market is expected to expand by 2028. Indeed, it is estimated that it should increase by 7.8% each year between 2018 and 2028. As a major producer and consumer of high-barrier packaging, Europe should continue to enhance its global market shares. Moreover, experts reckon that the pharmaceutical & healthcare and the agri-food industries will drive this growth. However, due to the increasing stakes and the constant evolution in these sectors, packaging producers will have to reinvent themselves to adapt to the new environmental constraints and the rising need of protection for the most delicate products. Thus, packaging manufacturers will need to develop new innovations to address the challenges of tomorrow.


BERNHARDT puts its values at the core of its customer relation:





Bernhardt Packaging & Process is one of the main European players in the production of high-barrier industrial packaging. With 60 years of experience in flexible packaging and packing machines, we provide tailored and sustainable solutions to protect and promote our customers’ products. Thanks to our sustained investments in R&D, we are constantly seeking for innovations to design products that meet your requirements.

We thus select from a wide range of laminated or co-extruded films the most suitable high-barrier multilayer complex. That guarantee optimal protection of your most delicate products in order to increase their lifespan and preserve their properties. In addition, our films used for the food industry are certified ‘food contact compliant’, ensuring that your products are protected against oxygen, moisture, and UV rays. On the other hand, our films applied for the pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry are certified ‘European Pharmacopoeia’ and ‘United States Pharmacopeia’. Finally, our films meet UN standards for the storage and transport of products for the chemical industry.

We advise you to read this market study on high-barrier packaging to find out more information on the development of the packaging sector and Bernhardt Packaging & Process’ contribution to address packaging challenges:

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